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       Title: ALMOND TASTY
  Categories: Alcohol, Beverages
       Yield: 1 pint
       1 c  Unsalted almonds, chopped
       1 ts Chocolate extract
       1    Vanilla bean (1 inch)
     1/2    Orange peel, scraped
       2 c  Vodka
       1 sm Lemon wedge, scraped peel
   Lightly pound almonds with hammer (in bag or cover with paper towel) and
   combine with other ingredients in bottle. Be sure to thoroughly scrape
   orange and lemon peels. Let steep for two weeks, turning bottle
   occasionally. The chocolate extract tends to settle on the bottom and the
   finished liqueur may need to be mixed before serving. Strain and filter.
   Experiment with different variations of this recipe, perhaps alternating
   hazelnuts or adding some spices.
   Yield: 1 pint           Container: Wide mouth quart jar