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       Title: Cherry Bounce
  Categories: Beverages
       Yield: 1 quart
            -Sue Woodward
 --------------------FOODS OF THE HUDSON--------------------
       5 lb Sweet cherries
       1 qt Rum
            Brown sugar
   Wash and stem cherries.  Crush them between your
   fingers. Pour the rum over them and let them stand 1
   week. Stir them every day. After 1 week, strain them
   into a bottle or screwtop jar that has been rinsed
   with boiling water. Measure the juice, and add sugar
   in proportion - for every gallon (see Sue’s note) of
   juice, add 3/4 lb. brown sugar. Allow the Bounce to
   stand 6 weeks before serving.  I keep it in the
   refrigerator, it is very nice cold or poured over ice
   Sue’s note - as written in the cookbook, it does say
   “for every gallon” - perhaps they meant quart?
   Author:  Peter G. Rose
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