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                              Espresso Recipes
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 A single portion of espresso, about 1-1/2 ounces, served in a two
 ounce, pre heated espresso cup.
 Espresso Ristretto:
 A short or “restricted” espresso, where the flow of water through
 the brew head is stopped at about 1 ounce.
 Espresso Lungo:
 A single serving of espresso, diluted with hot water (not from
 the brew head) to produce a milder or “long” espresso.
 Espresso Doppio:
 A double serving of espresso, about 3 to 4 ounces.  Use the two
 cup coffee basket in the filter holder and serve in a five ounce
 cappuccino cup.
 Espresso Macchiato:
 A single serving of espresso “marked” with one or two tablespoons
 of frothed milk.
 Espresso Romano:
 A single serving of espresso served with fresh lemon peel.  This
 is not an Italian custom, but is often served in the US.
               *** Cappuccino Recipes ***
 Usually 1/3 espresso to 2/3 frothed milk in a five-ounce, pre-
 heated cappuccino cup.  Cappuccino is topped with a head of foam
 by spooning the frothed milk on top of the serving.
 Although it is not a European tradition, cappuccino can be
 garnished with a light sprinkle of chocolate or cocoa, cinnamon,
 nutmeg or vanilla powder.
 Cafe Latte:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
 Known by the french a Cafe au lait and the spanish as Cafe Con
 Leche.  A double serving of espresso with steamed milk, roughly 3
 ounces of espresso to 5 ounces of milk, served in a large 9
 ounce, bowl-shapped cup or a wide-mouthed glass.
 Latte Macchiato:
 A glass of steam milk into which a single serving of espresso is
 slowly dribbled, to “mark” the milk with espresso.
 A mixture od 1/3 espresso brewed into 1/3 frothed milk where 1/3
 cocoa has been dissolved, seved in a five ounce cappuccino cup or
 glass.  Quick and dirty:  Add Hersheys syrup to taste.
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