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       Title: Fruity Tofu Cooler
  Categories: Beverages, Tofu, Fruits
       Yield: 2 125 ml svg
     3/4 c  White grape juice
       1 ts Sweetener
       2 oz Silken tofu, rinse & drain
     1/2 c  Whole strawberries
       2 ea Ice cubes
   In a blender, combine the grape juice, sweetener, tofu & fruit.
   Blend for 30 seconds.  Add the ice & blend until frothy.
   VARIATIONS:  Replace the strawberries with the following:
   1/2 banana
   1/4 c blueberries
   1/2 fresh mango
   1/2 fresh peach
   “Tofu: A Recipe Booklet Proced by the Ontario SoybeanGrowers Marketing