Date:    Fri, 09 Sep 94 10:50:13 EDT
 From: (Jayne Spielman)
 Hot Cocoa Recipe (Non-Dairy)
 	Just the other day I was thinking about how nice hot cocoa
 	would be and I decided to play around with a can of some soy
 	product that I bought at the health food store. It was near
 	the mixes and baking products. (I'm trying to remember the
 	name, something like “Better than milk” anyway, it’s either a
 	dried tofu powder or dried soy milk or something like that)
 	Dry cocoa
 	2 TBSP powdered milk substitute
 	dash salt (optional, but livens up chocolate flavor)
 	Stir together dry ingredients in mug. 
 	Add a few tablespoons of tap water and stir to dissolve.
 	Add boiling water and stir.
 	This wasn't quite as rich and creamy as hot cocoa made with
 	milk but I was pretty happy with it.