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      title: espagnole sauce
 categories: professional, sauce
   servings: 1
       1 lb onion
       8 oz carrot
       8 oz celery
       8 oz unsalted butter
       8 oz bread flour
       6 qt brown stock
       8 oz tomato puree
     1/2    bay leaf
     1/4 t  thyme
       6    parsley
 saute the mirepoix in butter, until well browned 
 add the flour, heat and stir to make a brown roux 
 gradually stir in brown stock and tomato puree 
 heat and stir to the boil, reduce heat, and skim the surface well 
 combine the bay leaf, thyme, and parsley in a piece of cheesecloth for a
 add the sachet to the sauce and simmer for 2 hours, until reduced to four
 skim as necessary 
 strain through a chinois, pressing mirepoix to extract juices cover with
 a lid or melted butter to prevent skin formation
 serve hot or warm