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       Title: Xxxx-hot Carribbean Habanero Hot Sauce
  Categories: Sauces, Sauces
       Yield: 8 Servings
      12    Habanero peppers; hand              2 tb Lime juice
            -picked                             1 tb Salt
       4    -(up to)                            1 tb Sugar
       5    Dried; smoked Jalapenos (can        1 pn Cinnamon (can omit; if
            -use fresh; if desired)                  -desired)
       2    Papayas                             1 pn Garlic
       3 tb Chopped onion                     1/4 c  Mustard; or less
     1/4 c  Vinegar; or more               
   ~Hydrate the dried jalapenos.  Retain approx. 1/4 cup of the liquid.
   ~Chop all solids.  Throw into blender with liquid ingredients.
   “Liquify” for a good, long time ... goal here is to do away with all
   chunks of anything. Note: I left seeds & “flesh” of peppers intact.
   For a more mild sauce, you may want to extract these
   ~Once mixture is very smooth, cook over very low heat for 30-60
   minutes. Stir often.  During this time, taste (as much as you are
   able to), and add add'l amounts of desired ingredients until you
   acheive the taste you desire. Goal is to come up with a sauce that is
   sweet at first taste, then leaves a healthy amount of pain as the
   taste fades away.
   ~Remove from heat, cool 30-60 minutes.
   ~Strain mixture to extract liquid, leave behind seeds, pulp, etc.
   This will take a while - be patient.
   ~Store extracted liquid in an air-tight container, or in a sealed
   bottle. Time will increase heat & taste.
   Note:  Like many cooks, I created this with no precise measurements
   ... it was a total experiment & actually turned out very well (though
   very painful). Please feel free to alter/experiment.
   From Glen Hosey’s Recipe Collection Program,