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      Title: #995368 Enchilada  Sauce
 Categories: BREADS
   Servings: 1
       2 TB olive oil
   1 1/2    onions, coarsely chopped
       5 lg garlic cloves, chopped
   1 1/2 ts cumin seeds
   1 1/2 ts chili powder
   1 1/2 ts dried oregano, crumbled
     1/4 ts ground cinnamon
   1 1/2 c  canned enchilada sauce
     3/4 c  tomato sauce
       1 TB fresh lime juice
            Cayenne pepper
 Preparation : 
 Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in heavy large skillet over high
 heat.  Add chopped onions and garlic and saute 5 minutes.  Mix in
 cumin seeds, chili powder, dried oregano and ground cinnamon and
 saute 1 minute.  Add enchilada sauce and tomato sauce and simmer 2
 minutes.  Mix in fresh lime juice.  Season to taste with salt and
 cayenne pepper.  (Can be prepared 2 days ahead.  Cover and
 refrigerate.  Reheat before using.)  Preparation time:  15 minutes. 
 Serves: about 3 cups.