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       Title: Euel’s Barbecue Sauce
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       Yield: 1 servings
     1/2 ga Catsup
       1 sm Bottle Worcestershire sauce
     1/2 c  Sugar
     2/3 c  Vinegar
       3    Cloves garlic -- crushed
            Tabasco and/or mustard -- to
   Mix and simmer. Add a dash of Tabasco and/or mustard for
   hotness till it tastes right. “Don't put it on the meat while
   cooking 'cause you will cause the sugar to caramelize and char.
   This used to be a secret but since I'm retired it makes
   no-never-mind. I makes more money now after I retired. If I knew
   I could make this much money as a retiree, I would have quit
   working when I was 20.” (By “retired” Euel means he now runs a
   private catering company and cooks only for those who wisely
   seek out his skills.)
   Euel Stribling
   Recipe By     : Texas on the Halfshell - ISBN: 0-385-17904-9