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       Title: Easy Chile                                                  
  Categories: beef, chili
       Yield: 5 servings     
       2    hamburger
       1 md onion
       1    stewed tomatoes; cut up
            juice from tomatoes
       2    pinto or kidney beans
            juice from beans
            chopped green chile; to 
            pinch salt
     1/4 ts pepper
     1/4 ts garlic powder
     1/4 ts onion powder
   Serves:  5                                                                 
   Brown hamburger and onions; drain. Combine all ingredients, including jui  
   ces from beans and tomatoes, in large stew-pot. Bring to a boil, reduce h  
   eat and simmer for at least 1/2 hour: one hour would be better. Serve wit  
   h grated Cheddar or Colby cheese on top; serve crackers, bread and butter  
   , or tortillas on the side for dipping into the chili.                     
   For Huevos: Lay a tortilla on a plate, top with an egg or two coo          
   ked however you like, cover with some of this chili (the more the better!  
   !), top with cheese. Place in a warm oven or nuke it long enough to melt   
   the cheese.                                                                
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