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       Title: Black Bean Chili with Ham and Corn
  Categories: Miamiherald, Meat/pork, Beans
       Yield: 2 Servings
       1 ts Olive oil
       1 md Onion; diced
       2 cl Garlic; crushed
       1 sm Red pepper; diced
       1 cn Black beans (16oz); rinsed
            -and drained
       1 md Tomato; cut into 2 pieces
       1 c  Frozen corn
   1 1/2 tb Chili powder
       1 ts Ground cumin
       1 tb Tomato paste
       1 c  Fat-free, low-fat chicken
       1 c  Broccoli florets
       4 oz Low-fat, honey roasted ham
            Salt and pepper
     1/2    Loaf crusty sourdough bread
 -----------------------FOR GARNISH:-----------------------
     1/2 oz Grated Monterey Jack cheese
       2    Scallions; chopped
   Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Heat oil in a large
   nonstick skillet on medium high.  Add onion and saute
   3 minutes.  Add garlic and red pepper. Saute 3 more
   minutes.  Add black beans, tomatoes, corn, chili
   powder and cumin.  Mix tomato paste into chicken
   broth and mix into chili.  Simmer, covered, 10
   minutes.  Add broccoli and ham and simmer 5 more
   minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Adjust
   seasonings as desired.  Warm bread in oven for 5
   minutes.  Slice and serve with chili.  Serve chili
   over rice and pass cheese and scallions to sprinkle
   over top.
   Per serving: 703 cal; 41g pro, 105g carb, 16g
   fat (20%), 46mg chol, 1671mg sodium
   Source: Dinner in Minutes, Miami Herald, 1/25/96
   format by Lisa Crawford