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  Categories: Tex-mex, Beef
       Yield: 6 servings
       4 ea Cloves garlic; minced
       1 ts Cumin
       1 ea Yellow onion; - chopped
       1 pk Pinto beans*
       3 c  Beef broth
     1/4 ts Cayenne pepper
   1,2     lb sirloin tips; cubed 3, 4 T chili powder
   *Washed and soaked the night before (drain saute the
   beef, onions, garlic,add to the beans, add beef stock,
   salt and pepper to taste, cayenne and chili powder,
   simmer gently until beans are tender, about 2 1/2
   hours. Sometimes i add chili ortega peppers, fresh
   vine ripened tomatoes, tomato sauce, i also sometimes
   thicken it with masa and water, it depends on the mood
   of the day.. Don't hesitate to be creative...chili is
   universal and lots of fun to change the ingredients.
   You might also try black beans, or a combination. Let
   me know your results......susan - san diego