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                           CREAM OF POBLANO SOUP
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 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3       ea           Corn tortillas (6-inch)
    2       tb           Flour
      1/2   ts           Chili powder
    1       t            Cumin
      1/2   ts           Salt
      1/2   ts           Black pepper
    2       tb           Canola oil
      1/2   c            Onion, finely diced
      1/2   c            Poblano peppers, fine dice
      1/2   ts           Garlic, minced
    2       tb           Butter
    2       c            Chicken stock
      1/2   c            Half-and-half
      1/8   c            Roasted & chopped chicken
      1/2   c            Monterrey Jack cheese,
   Cut the corn tortillas into ninths, place in a food
   processor and chop until fine.  Add flour, chili
   powder, cumin, salt and pepper.  Blend until the
   tortillas become the consisitency of cornmeal.
   Place the canola oil in a stockpot on medium-high
   heat.  Add onions, peppers and garlic.  Saute until
   onions are clear.  Add butter and let melt.  Add
   tortilla-flour mixture to the pan and mix to form a
   roux, stirring with a wire whip.  Do not let it burn.
   While stirring, slowly add the chicken stock.  Make
   sure to scrape the sides and bottom.  Add the
   half-and-half.  Bring to a slow simmer and cook for 7
   to 10 minutes.  Do not let soup come to a hard boil.
   Turn off heat and let cool.  Add the roasted chopped
   chicken meat to the stockpot before serving.  Top each
   serving with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, diced
   poblano pepper and crisply fried tortilla strips.
   Per serving 181 calories, 11 grams fat, 26 milligrams
   cholesterol, 591 milligrams sodium.
   Copy of recipe printed in the Houston Chronicle.
   Recipe from Cavanagh’s restaurant.
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