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       Title: Ochsenschwanzsuppe (Ox Tail Soup)
  Categories: German, Soups/stews, Veal
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 lb Ox Tails; Disjointed OR           1/2 c  Carrots; Diced
       2 ea Veal Tails                          1 c  Celery; Diced
       1 ea Onion; Medium, Sliced               1 ea Bay Leaf
       2 tb Vegetable Oil                     1/2 c  Tomatoes; Drained
       8 c  Water                               1 ts Thyme; Dried, Crushed
       1 ts Salt                                1 tb Unbleached Flour
       4 ea Peppercorns                         1 tb Butter or Margarine
     1/4 c  Parsley; Chopped                  1/4 c  Madeira
   In a 4-quart Dutch Oven brown oxtail and onion in hot oil for several
   minutes.  Add water, salt and peppercorns; simmer uncovered for about 2
   hours.  Cover and continue to simmer for 3 additional hours.  Add the
   parsley, carrots, celery, bay leaf, tomatoes, and thyme; continue
   simmering for 30 minutes longer or until the vegetables are tender.
   Strain stock and refrigerate for an hour or more.  In a blender puree the
   edible meat and vegetables and reserve.  Remove fat from top of stock and
   reheat.  In a large, dry frypan brown flour over high heat.  Cool
   slightly.  Add the butter or margarine, blend.  A little at a time, add
   the stock and vegetables.  Correct seasoning and add madeira just before