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         Split Pea & Sweet Potato Soup with Mint (Pressure Cooked)
 Recipe By     : Cooking Under Pressure, copyright 1989
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups And Stocks
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2      tablespoons   sweet butter or oil
    1      large         onion -- coarsely chopped
    3      stalks        celery -- sliced
    2      cups          dried split peas -- rinsed
    4      cups          water
    2      cups          vegetable stock (up to 4 c) -- or
                         chicken stock
    2      medium        sweet potatoes -- peeled and chopped
    2      large         sweet apples -- * see note
    1                    bay leaf
    2      teaspoons     dried mint (up to 3 tsp)
    1      teaspoon      salt -- or to taste
 serves 6 to 8
 *use apples such as McIntosh; peel, core, and cut into eighths
 Heat the butter in the pressure cooker.  Saute the onion, stirring frequently, 
 until golden brown, about 4 to 5 minutes.  Add the celery and split peas, stirr
 ing to coat well with the fat.  Add the 4 cups of water plus 2 cups stock, maki
 ng sure to scrape up any bits of onion that are stuck to the bottom of the pot.
   Add the sweet potatoes, apples, bay leaf, and mint.  Lock the lid in place an
 d over high heat bring to high pressure.  Adjust heat to maintain high pressure
  and cook for 10 minutes.  Let the pressure drop naturally, about 20 minutes.  
 Remove the lid, tilting it away from you to allow any excess steam to escape.  
 Stir well to blend the ingredients and thin with additional stock, if desired. 
  Remove the bay leaf and add salt to taste before serving.
 Note:  By coating the peas with oil or butter and never filling pressure cooker
  about the halfway point, split peas can be safely cooked in a pressure cooker.
 Note:  This soup is very thick and can be served as is or thinned with a few cu
 ps of vegetable stock.
 Note:  Two teaspoons of dried mint give the soup a "hint of Mint'; three teaspo
 ons strongly flavor it.
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