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  Categories: Soups, Seafood
       Yield: 4 servings
       2    Dozen littleneck clams,scrub
       1 qt Water
     1/4 lb Bacon,diced
       1 lg Onion,diced
       1 tb Flour
       1 lb Potatoes,diced
            Salt to taste
            Pepper to taste
       3 c  Milk
 ----------------------IRWIN E.SOLOMON----------------------
     Add 2 dozen scrubbed littleneck clams to 1 qt
   boiling water.Simmer until clams open.Remove as they
   open; remove from shell.Chop and reserve.Strain
   cooking liquid through several layers of damp
   cheesecloth and reserve,adding any liquid that seeps
   from the clams as they sit.In large heavy soup
   pot,render all fat from 1/4 lb. finely diced
   bacon.Remove crisp bacon bits; blot on paper
   towels.Save.Add 1 large diced onion to hot fat; cook
   over moderate heat until softened.Add 1 tbs.flour;
   cook 1 minutes stirring constantly.Add reserved clam
   cooking liquid and 1 lb.diced potatoes; cook until
   potatoes are barely tender.Add chopped clams,reserved
   bacon bits; season to tast with salt and pepper.Heat 3
   cups milk seperately; add to soup....
   ~--------------Manhattan Mussel Chowder--------------
   Follow recipe for New England Clam Chowder using
   mussels in place of clams and adding 2 cups chopped
   canned tomatoes,1 cup vegetable juice cocktail, 1
   diced seeded bell pepper,1 bay leaf,1/4 tsp. each
   dried oregano,basil, and dash of hot pepper sauce as
   soon as potatoes are cooked.Simmer 5  more
   minutes.Omit milk.....