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  Categories: Soups, Seafood
       Yield: 4 servings
       2    Hard or chowder clams
     1/2 c  Boiling water
       4 c  Cold water
       1 c  Potato cubes cut 1/2 inch s
     1/2 c  Carrot cubes cut 1/2 inch s
       1    Medium sized onion finely c
     1/4 c  Diced celery
     1/4 lb Salt pork cut fine
       1 c  Stewed or canned tomatoes
     1/2 t  Thyme
     1/8 t  Pepper
     Scrub the clams well.  Put into a kettle with the boiling water, cover
   tightly, and steam quickly till the shells are opened.  Remove the clams
   from the shells and chop, chopping the hard part finely, leaving the soft
   part large.  Reserve the clam liquor.  In the meantime, put the potatoes,
   carrots and celery into a kettle with the cold water and simmer 15 minutes.
   Try out the pieces of pork, add the onion, and cook slowly 5 minutes.  When
   the vegetables have cooked 15 minutes add the clams, the clam liquor,
   tomatoes and thyme.  Cook 1 hour.  Add the pork and onion and simmer 30
   minutes longer.  Add the pepper and more salt if necessary.  Serve with
   pilot crackers. Note:  Any desired vegetable or herb may be added.