------------- Recipe Extracted from Meal-Master (tm) v6.14 ------------------
      Title: Corn Chowder
 Categories: Soup Easy Main dish
   Servings:  4
       1 ea medium potato diced                 1 ea onion, chopped
 	    1 ea can (14 oz) chicken broth	     1 ea can (16 oz) cream-style
       2 c  milk                                2 T  butter
       1 ea egg slightly beaten                 1 ea can (8 oz) corn
   Saute  onion  in butter until golden brown.   Add broth and  potato  and
   simmer until potato is tender.   Add corn and milk,  blend well.  Season
   with salt and pepper.  Bring to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Stir some of
   chowder  into  egg.   Add mixture to sauce pan and blend  well.   Simmer
   until heated through.  Serve.