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       Title: Split Pea and Ham Soup
  Categories: Ham, Soups, Legumes, Restaurants
       Yield: 6 servings
 -------------------MICKEY'S GOURMET CKBK-------------------
       1 lb Dried green split peas
       5 c  Chicken broth
       5 c  Water
       1    Meaty ham bone OR 2 smoked
            -ham hocks
       2    Ribs celery, diced
       3 T  Parsley, chpd
     1/2 t  Tarragon leaves
       1 c  Carrots, diced
       1 c  Onion, diced
       1    Leek, white only, sliced
       2 T  Dry sherry
     1/2 t  Pepper
   Garden Gallery, The Disney Inn
   Soak and rinse peas 20 mins. In 6 qt pot, combine
   water, broth and peas; bring to boil. Add ham bone,
   carrots, celery, leek, tarragon and 1T parsley. Reduce
   heat to med low; simmer, partially covered, stirring
   occasionally, 1 hr. Remove from heat. Remove meat from
   bone; shred. Remove excess fat and return meat to pot.
   Add sherry, pepper and remaining 2T parsley. Heat.