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       Title: Turtle Soup from Beans (NO TURTLE MEAT!) - Oz
  Categories: Soups, Oz
       Yield: 1 servings
     375 g  Black bean packet
       2 l  Water
         lg Pinch parsley
         lg Pinch thyme
         lg Pinch summer savory
       1 t  Butter,cold
            Salt & pepper to taste
       4 ea Hard boiled egg yolks,chopped
       1 ea Lemon,sliced
     1/2 ea Glass of wine*
            Few meatballs of forcemeat*
   Soak the black beans in water overnight.
   Boil them in 2 liters of water until they are soft.
   Puree the beans in a blender or push through a sieve, reserving
   liquid. Return the puree to the soup pot along with the liquid.
   Put the parsley,thyme,and summur savory into a small piece of
   muslin,tie and put into the pot.
   Add butter and season with salt and pepper.
   Simmer for at least 30 minutes.
   Just before serving,add the egg yolks,lemon slices,wine, and
   Original authors note:
   “This soup is so near the flavor of real turtle soup that few people
   are able to tell the difference!”
   * Wine not specified. My guess is a dry white unless you like sweet
   * Forcemeat is sausage meat, ground, not overly spicey. I also
     presume that the meatballs are cooked somewhere along the
     way but it doesn't mention it in the recipe.
 Bush Cooking by Max Bryant
 Published by the Kangaroo Press
 ISBN 0 86417 230 3