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       Title: White Stock
  Categories: Soups
       Yield: 1 servings
         5 ga Water
        10 Lb Beef Bones -- sawn
        10 Lb Veal Bones -- sawn
         5 Lb Chicken Backs -- or feet
       1/2    Celery Stalk -- chopped
         1    Leek -- chopped
         2    Onions -- chopped
       1/2 bn Parsley Stems
         5    Bay Leaves
         1 TB Peppercorns -- crushed
       1/2 TB Thyme Leaf
   1. Blanch the bones by covering with cold water and
   bringing to the boil. Discard water and rinse bones.
   2. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil, then
   simmer for up to 18 hours, with skimming to remove any
   scum that rises.
   3. Scald clean containers, and strain stock into each,
   seeing some fat into each to act as a protective cap.
   Cover with saran and cool.
   4. This will keep at least a week, but should be part
   of the regular weekly Mise en place. Excess should be
   frozen or reduced for glace d'viand, a 10-1 reduction.
   These recipes are for 5 gallons, but you can cut them
   in half. It hardly pays to make less than 10 quarts,
   but if space is a factor, reduce the stock by boiling
   to half its original volume. The flavors will be more
   pronounced, as will any errors introduced.
   Preparation Time: 18:00
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