In large kettle, boil water.
   potato peels
   dandelion leaves
   heaven knows what else
 Reduce heat and simmer for hours and hours until stock is reduced
 by at least half. The more you reduce it, the easier it is to store-
 you can always thin it at cook time.
 I use the ends/clippings/peelings/scraps from whatever I'm cooking to
 make stock, so the exact recipe varies from time to time. If I don't
 have enough to make stock, I freeze the scraps until I get a pots worth.
 A French cookbook will tell you to use a bouquet garni' in the stock-
 it’s made from a combination of spices- I think it’s the Simon and
 Garfunkel mix (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme)- wrapped in cheesecloth,
 tied with a string, and dangled in the stock for part of the simmering.
 Anyway, when you're done, strain the stock, cool and freeze the liquid,