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       Title: Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies
  Categories: Desserts, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 servings
       2    Cookie dough rolls
            = chocolate chip
      16 oz Cream cheese; softened
     1/2 c  Sugar
       2    Eggs
       1 ts Vanilla
      *  (Let one roll soften at room temperature) Spread
   softened dough in the bottom of a 9“x13 baking pan.
      Do NOT grease or flour the pan.  With a mixer, mix cream
   cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla until fluffy.  Spread
   cream cheese mixture on top of cookie dough.  Slice
   remaining roll of cookie dough on top of cream cheese.
   Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  Cool completely before
   cutting.  Note:  You can also use brownie cookie dough.
   For that matter, any store bought rolled cookie dough.
      Here’s a great recipe I got at one of my wedding
   showers. People had to bring a dish and put the recipe in
   my ”Wishing Well"  These are really delicious.   STACY