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                       Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake
 Recipe By     : Cooking Live Show #CL8931
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         chocolate cake layer :
    3      ounces        semisweet chocolate
    6      tablespoons   unsalted butter
      1/3  cup           sugar
    4                    eggs
      1/2  cup           ground almonds
      1/2  cup           fresh bread crumbs
                         raspberry mousse:
                         two 10-ounce packages frozen raspberries
      3/4  cups          sugar
    2      tablespoons   raspberry liqueur
    2      tablespoons   water
    1      envelope      unflavored gelatin
    1      cup           heavy whipping cream
    1      cup           heavy whipping cream
    2      tablespoons   sugar
    1                    basket fresh raspberries
                         confectioners' sugar
 For the cake layer:
 Preheat oven to 350 degrees and set rack in middle of the oven. Butter
 a 10-inch springform pan and line the bottom with a disk of parchment
 cut to fit. Cut chocolate and place it in a heatproof bowl. Place bowl
 over a pan of hot water and allow chocolate to melt. Stir melted
 chocolate smooth and allow to cool.
 Beat butter and sugar by machine on medium speed until soft and
 fluffy. Beat in chocolate and scrape bowl and beaters. Beat in two of
 the eggs, one at a time, then beat in the ground almonds. Beat in
 remaining eggs, then bread crumbs. Scrape batter into prepared pan and
 smooth top. Bake for about 20 minutes, until well risen and firm. Cool
 cake in pan on a rack. Unmold cake,
 wrap and chill until needed. To assemble dessert, trim top of cake
 straight and cut cake to a 9-inch diameter by using the
 OUTSIDE of a 9-inch springform pan as a guide. Assemble pan and force
 cake layer into pan. Chill cake in pan until ready to fill with
 For the mousse:
 Combine raspberries and sugar in a non-reactive saucepan and bring to
 a boil over medium heat. Lower heat and simmer until slightly
 thickened. Puree in food processor and strain away seeds. Chill puree.
 To assemble mousse, pour liqueur and water into a heatproof bowl and
 sprinkle gelatin on surface. Allow to soak 5 minutes. Place bowl over
 gently simmering water and allow gelatin to melt; cool slightly. While
 gelatin is melting, whip cream until lightly firm, but not grainy.
 Whisk gelatin into puree, then fold puree into cream. Quickly pour
 mousse over chocolate layer in pan. Cover with plastic wrap and chill
 until set, 8 hours to overnight.
 To finish dessert, whip cream with sugar and spread evenly on mousse.
 Chill to set cream, then run knife between cream and side of pan.
 Remove springform side; garnish top with raspberries; sprinkle berries
 with confectioners' sugar.
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