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  Categories: Desserts
       Yield: 12 servings
 --------------------------------SOUFFLE CAKE--------------------------------
     1/2 lb Semi-sweet chocolate
     1/4 c  Fresh rich coffee
       7    Large eggs, separated and
            At room temperature
     3/4 c  Sugar
       1 pn Salt
 -------------------------------TRUFFLE CREAM-------------------------------
      18 oz Semi-sweet chocolate
            Broken into small pieces
       3 c  Heavy cream
 ------------------------------CHOCOLATE TILES------------------------------
       8 oz Semi-sweet chocolate
            Cocoa powder, unsweetened
            Confectioners sugar
   Souffle Cake.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Butter jelly roll pan of
   approximately 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1 inches; line pan with wax paper;
   allow wax paper to extend over each end by about 2 inches. Set aside.
   Melt chocolate with coffee in 200 degree oven, for about 10 minutes,
   or until melted.	Cool.
   Beat egg yolks with electric mixer until smooth.  Gradually add sugar
   and continue beating until mixture is pale yellow, about 5 minutes.
   Stir in the cooled chocolate mixture.
   Beat egg whites with salt until they form stiff peaks. Stir 1/5 egg
   whites into chocolate mixture to lighten and then pour chocolate
   mixture into egg whites.  Gently fold whites and chocolate together
   until no white shows. Pour batter into prepared jelly roll pan. Bake
   for 14 minutes.
   Truffle Cream. Place chocolate in bowl, and place in 200 degree oven
   for 15 minutes or until melted.  Heat heavy cream in saucepan until
   hot.  Slowly pour hot cream over melted chocolate, and stir until
   smooth and shiny. Strain mixture into bowl and cool to room
   Tiles. Place chocolate in bowl and place in 200 degree oven for 15
   minutes or until melted. Place wax paper down the length of a 17 x
   14-inch baking pan. Secure end with dab of softened butter. Pour
   melted chocolate on wax paper, and with a metal spatula spread it out
   the length of the baking pan.
   Refrigerate chocolate for 1 hour.  Remove chocolate and leave it at
   room temperature for 5 minutes.  Cut chocolate into three strips, one
   3 1/4 inches wide, and two strips 2 1/2 inches wide. Cut strips
   crosswise into 3/4-inch sections to make tiles. Refrigerate until
   Continued from Chocolate Tile Cake - Part I.  It may be long, but it’s
   worth the effort.
   Refrigerate Truffle Cream, mixing bowl and beaters for 1 hour.	Over
   the top of the Souffle Cake, sift unsweetened cocoa. Cover the cake
   (leave in pan) with a sheet of wax paper and cookie sheet. Invert
   cake onto them. Remove jelly roll pan and wax paper. Slip out cookie
   sheet. Trim rough edges of cake. Divide cake lengthwise into 3 equal
   strips about 3 1/4 inches each.
   Remove the Truffle Cream, mixing bowl and beaters from refrigerator.
   Place 2 1/3 cups cream in mixing bowl.	Return remainder to
   refrigerator. Beat about 1 1/2 minutes. Place one strip of cake on
   cookie sheet.	Spread 1/2 of beaten cream on cake, top cream with
   second cake strip. Place remainder beaten cream over top and cover
   with last cake strip. Trim any rough edges and chill cake for 1/2
   hour. Chill clean mixing bowl and beaters.
   Beat remaining Truffle Cream in chilled bowl for 1 1/2 minutes.
   Remove cake from refrigerator and spread cream over top and sides.
   Remove tiles from refrigerator.  Trim the tiles to fit height of
   cake.	Using sharp knife, separate 3 strips of tile. Place the 3
   1/4-inch tile over top of cake. Leave wax paper on. Place the two
   remaining strips along sides of cake. Try to align side and top
   tiles. Cover cake tightly with aluminum foil and refrigerate over
   Remove cake from refrigerator. Remove foil.  Trim off ends of cake.
   Place cake on serving dish.  Peel off strips of wax paper.  Place
   narrow strips of foil diagonally on top of cake to form pattern, and
   sift confectioners sugar over it. Lift off foil. Serve with Creme de
   Menthe Custard Sauce.