Waldorf Red Velvet Cake & Frosting    No. 1918         Yields 1 9 Cake
                  CAKE:                      1 Cup       Buttermilk
    1/2 Cup       Solid Shortening           1 Tbls      Vinegar
      2           Eggs                                   FROSTING:
      1 tsp       Vanilla                    1 Cup       Whole Milk
      1 tsp       Salt                       5 tsp       All-Purpose Flour
  2 1/2 Cups      All-Purpose Flour,         1 Cup       Butter
                  Sifted 3 Times             1 Cup       Powdered Sugar,
      1 tsp       Baking Soda                            Sifted
  1 1/2 Cups      Sugar                      1 tsp       Vanilla
    1/4 Cup       Red Food Coloring
      2 Tbls      Cocoa
 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
 Cream the shortening and sugar together until fluffy.
 Add the eggs.
 Beat for 1 minute.
 Add the vanilla and red food coloring to the buttermilk.
 Alternately add the flour and the milk mixture to the batter.
 Combine the baking soda and the vinegar in a cup.
 Add to the cake batter.
 Divide equally between 2 (9") cake pans.
 Bake until done (25-30 minutes).
 Cool on a cake rack.
 Prepare the frosting: Cook the milk and flour together in a saucepan until
 Beat the butter, sugar and flour with an electric mixer.
 Add the flour-milk mixture a little at a time, beating constantly.
 Beat well.
 Cool completely before spreading on the cake.