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                  	Fresh Lemon Sherbet
 Recipe By     : The Way to Cook, Julia Child, Alfred A. Knopf
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4      Large         lemons-enough to -- (4 to 6)
                         make 1/2 scant cup of zests
                         And Juice (Yellow Part Of Peel Only)
    1      Cup           juice
    2 1/2  Cups          sugar
    4      Cups          water
    2                    egg whites lightly beaten into a
                         foam with 1/8 tsp of salt
    1      Cup           or so iced aquavit (2 hours in
                         the freezer)
                         Candied lemon peel -- Optional
                         Special Equipment Suggested:
                         A Vegetable Peeler,An Electric
                         blender--more efficient for this
                         puree than the food processor
                         A 2 Quart Saucepan  With Tight
                         fitting cover -- an ice cream scoop;
                         a mixing bowl with a tray
                         ice cubes and water to cover them. For a
                         quick chill
                         chilled goblets.
                         The sherbet.  Remove the zest from the
                         lemons with the vegetable
                         peeler.To extract their flavour -- pulverize them 2
                         minutes with 1
    1      Cup           the sugar in the electric blender -- add 1 1/2 cups of
                         water and pulverize 2 minutes more.
                         Pour into the saucepan -- add the rest of the
                         sugar, bring to the
                         simmer -- swirl the pan by
                         its handle for several seconds, until
                         you are sure the sugar has completely
                         dissolved.  Remove from
                         heat. Pour in the cup of lemon juice and
                         the rest of the water
                         well chilled. -- stir for several
                         minutes over the ice cubes and water
                         Whisk in the egg whites -- and freeze
                         according to your machine
    1      Serving       :  The moment of serving -- scoop a ball or two
                         or sherbet
                         into each chilled goblet -- pour around it a
                         big spoonful of
                         aquavit -- and if you wish,
                         fork out a half dozen strands of the
                         candied peel for decoration.
                         Special Note:
                         Candied citrus peel is a charming edible
                         decoration for
                         sherbets -- puddings, and many
                         fruit desserts.  Once made,
                         refrigerate in a covered jar where it will
                         keep for weeks.
                         Enough for 12 servings
                         The zests (coloured part of peel only)
    4      Large         fine lemons -- 3 oranges
                         or 2 grapefruit
    1      Cup           sugar
      1/3  Cup           wateR
                         Special Equipment Suggested:
                         A vegetable peeler -- a 6-cup saucepan
                         with tight-fitting cover
                         Remove the zests with the vegetable peeler
                         and cut them into
                         neat julienne strips 1 1/2 inches long and
                         less than 1/8 inch
                         wide.Simmer in 1 quart of water 6 minutes -- drain,
 rinse in
                         cold water -- set aside.  Bring
                         the sugar and water to the simmer
    1      In            the saucepan -- and when the sugar
                         has dissolved completely,
                         cover the pan tightly and boil for a -- until the
                         moment or two
                         last drops of syrup to fall from the end
                         of a metal spoon
                         form a thread.  Remove from heat -- stir in the peel,
                         steep for an hour -- and it is ready to
                         For 2 quarts -- serving 10 to 12
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