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                          Easy Elegant Easter Eggs
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    1      stick         (4 oz.) butter
    1      tsp.          vanilla
      2/3  c.            sweetened condensed milk
    6      c.            confectioners' sugar
    8      oz.           unsweetened chocolate -- melted
  Preparation :     In large bowl of an electric mixer,
 cream butter until light and fluffy.  Add vanilla and
 condensed milk and beat untilblended.  Add two cups of
 sugar and beat until blended.
 Add two additional cups of sugar and beat with mixer until
 blended. If mixer is a heavy duty model, you may be able to
 use it to blend in the remaining sugar.  Otherwise, remove
 the bowl from the mixer stand and using a wooden spoon,
 beat in the remaining sugar.  Remove mixture from bowl onto
 clean counter surface and knead with your hands if
 necessary to make a smooth, fondant consistency.  Pinch off
 about two tablespoons of the fondant and roll it between
 your hands to form a smooth egg shape,slightly narrower at
 one end.  Place each egg on a cookie sheet covered with
 waxed paper.  Refrigerate a few hours or overnight to firm
 and chill before dipping in chocolate adhere to the eggs.
 Dip in chocolate according to directions that precede the
 recipe.Moist, sweetened coconut may be added to the fondant
 to make coconut cream eggs.  For peanut butter eggs, make a
 small yolk of about one tablespoon peanut butter and wrap
 in a thin layer of fondant.  Shape as directed for shaping
 plain eggs. Coat with chocolate for plain eggs.
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