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       Title: Vicki’s Turkey
  Categories: Turkey, Holiday, Vicki
       Yield: 1 turkey
            Butter, melted
            Apricot preserves
   Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
   Rub cleaned turkey with unsalted shortening or butter.  Cover the bird with
   a piece of cheesecloth soaked in melted, unsalted butter. Reduce the heat
   to 350 and place turkey in oven.
   Make glaze of equal parts Kahlua and apricot preserves.  Sounds weird, but
   it is delicious.  Baste turkey with glaze right over the top of the
   cheesecloth.  (The taste actually permeates the meat.)
   Peel the cloth off before presentation (bird is a dark, rich brown) and
   serve w/ sauce.
   Vicki’s notes:
   *  The basic technique is from “Joy of Cooking,” although Rombauer says to
   put it on a rack.  The glaze is from the Kahlua company.
   *  The only time I used pop-up indicators is when I was given turkeys that
   had them.  I ignored the indicator --> used standard cooking chart for
   weight (should be on turkey).  You know how the turkey keeps cooking even
   when it’s not in the oven?  Sure enough, after he had been out of oven long
   enough to serve, the indicator FINALLY popped up!