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       Title: Killer Cranapple Turkey
  Categories: Poultry, Turkey, Smoker
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1    Turkey breast roast
     1/2 ga CranApple Juice
     1/2 c  Salt
       1 T  Rosemary
       1 T  Sweet Basil
       1    Honey Bear
   TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU WISH TO SERVE: Start thawing turkey breast
   TWENTY FOUR HOURS PRIOR TO COOKING: Place thawed turkey breast, salt,
   rosemary, and sweet basil in a one gallon zip lock bag.  Add CranApple
   juice to full, pour yourself a glass of the left over juice for
   working so hard.  Seal bag and agitate to move and mix spices over
   roast.  Place bag in refrigerator, turning occasionally to spread the
   spice mixture around.
   ONE HOUR BEFORE COOKING: Remove roast from marinade leaving as much
   spice as possible on roast.  Let roast “air dry” until cooking.
   Cook roast as you prefer (it just aint the same if you don't smoke it)
   until a meat thermometer indicates an internal temperature of one
   hundred and sixty degrees.  Coat the roast with honey.  Continue
   coating with honey every twenty to thirty minutes until the
   thermometer reads one hundred and eighty degrees.  Remove roast from
   heat and let sit for fifteen to thirty minutes.  When you remove the
   “net” from the roast, most of the spice should “hop off” leaving a
   nice checkered pattern and the best darn turkey you ever laid lips to.