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                          What To Do With A Turkey
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 I've always just sprinkled salt and pepper in the cavity of the turkey
 and rubbed it all over the outside with butter or margerine, put it in a
 roasting pan and baked according to the bag the turkey came in. As for
 use, I would sliced up most of the breasts and make a turkey gravy and
 combine the slices and gravy and freeze for turkey meals later that you
 could serve with mashed potatos. The rest of the turkey I would shred
 off the bones and divide into 1 - 2 cup portions ans freeze as well. The
 shredded I would use for turkey enchiladas (same as any chicken
 enchilada recipe you have). After taking all the meat off the turkey, I
 would boil the bones. The carcass may be too large for your pot, but i
 have found that the carcass can be broken in two, to fit in the pot. I
 add whole black peppercorns, salt, bayleaves (2-3) coarse cut onions,
 carrots and celery and cover with water. When the water is reduce by
 almost half, start taste testing and adjust your seasonings. Strain and
 add some of that shredded turkey and some fresh diced carrots, celery
 and whatever to make turkey soup.
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