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       Title: Braised Turkey Drumsticks
  Categories: Poultry, Main dish
       Yield: 3 meals
       2 lb Turkey drumsticks
            -- fresh or frozen
     1/8 ts Poultry seasoning
    1/16 ts Salt
       1 ds Pepper
   1 1/2 c  Water
   Provides cooked turkey for 3 meals
   1. Thaw frozen drumsticks in refrigerator.
   2. Brown drumsticks in hot frypan--about 15 minutes.
   3. Sprinkle with seasonings.
   4. Add water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and
   simmer until tender--about 1-1/2 hours. Turn drumsticks
   halfway through cooking.
   5. Measure cooking liquid Spoon off as much of the fat
   layer as possible. Add water to liquid, if necessary,
   to make 1-1/2 cups. Save 1/2 cup for Braised Turkey
   with Gravy (p. 38).
   6. Separate meat from skin and bones. Dice and save 2/3
   cup turkey for Turkey Spanish Rice ( p. 52 ). Dice and
   save 3/4 cup turkey for Turkey-Potato Salad (p. 51).
    Serve remainder of turkey for dinner (see Braised
   Turkey with Gravy).
   * Thrifty Meals for Two: Making Food Dollars Count
   * USDA Home and Garden Bulletin Number 244
   * Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias