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       Title: Ice Cream Sodas
  Categories: Beverages, Desserts
       Yield: 1 servings
       2 tb Chocolate syrup
            Seltzer water
       1    Vanilla ice cream;scoop of
 MMMMM-------------------CANARY ISLAND SPECIAL------------------------
       2 tb Vanilla syrup
            Seltzer water
       1    Chocolate ice cream;scoop of
 MMMMM-------------------------BLACK COW------------------------------
       1 tb Chocolate syrup
            Root beer; Coca-cola makes a
            -Brown Cow
       1    Vanilla ice cream; scoop of
            -hold the whipped cream
 MMMMM----------------------STRAWBERRY SODA---------------------------
     1/4 c  Strawberry syrup
            Milk; splash of
            Seltzer water
       1    Vanilla ice cream; scoop of
            -or strawberry ice cream
     1/2 c  Pineapple syrup
            Milk; splash of
            Seltzer water
       1    Chocolate ice cream; scoop o
 MMMMM-----------------TOP EACH SODA WITH WHIPPED----------------------
   Put 2 Tbsp syrup in bottom of large, tall glass. Add seltzer water,
   stirring as you pour, to within 2 inches of the lip of the glass. Add
   one large scoop of very firm ice cream, trying to get it to straddle
   the lip of glass, yet still submerged in the seltzer to begin
   reacting with the bubbles to create a foamy head. Top with whipped
   SERVES: 1 SOURCE:_Square Meals_ by Jane and Michael Stern