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                          CHEESE FONDUE-REC.FOODS
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         3 c  mild cheddar cheese,
   :          shredded (you can also
   :          use sharp if you want)
         1 c  shredded swiss cheese
   :     1/2 c  beer (any kind will do)
   :       1 ts minced garlic
   :       1 ts dried mustard
   :       1 ts Worchestershire sauce
   :          salt and pepper to taste
   In a covered plastic bowl, mix cheeses and toss with a
   small handful of flour to coat (this helps the cheese
   to melt nicely without clumps). In a fondue pot (or
   sauce pan if you don't have one), bring the beer to
   steaming, but not boiling.
   Slowly mix in cheese, stirring constantly.  If you
   have too much cheese, and the sauce becomes too thick,
   you may need to add a little more beer to thin it to
   your taste.  Add garlic, worc. sauce, mustard, and
   salt and pepper.  Mix very well.
   Turn your fondue pot or saucepan to low and dip away!
   Use this delicious cheese sauce to dip:
     Bread Chunks (rye, french, italian, pumpernickel, or
   any other kind)
     Apple pieces (MacIntosh and Granny Smith work really
     Carrot slices
     Cauliflower florets
     Any other raw vegetable you can think of!
   Be careful!  As you near the bottom of the pot, the
   cheese is VERY hot. Walt MM
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   Sep 96 20:22:10 +0000
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