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       Title: Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Cake
  Categories: Cheesecakes, Chocolate
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 c  Flour
     3/4 c  Sugar
       6 tb Unsweetened cocoa powder
     1/2 c  Milk
       2 tb Oil
       1 ts Baking powder
     1/4 ts Salt
       1 ts Vanilla
     3/4 c  Brown sugar
   1 3/4 c  Hot water
     1/4 c  Seedless raspberry jam
   Recipe by: Sue Klapper
   Preparation Time: 0:50
   Heat oven to 350.  In medium bowl stir together flour,
   sugar, 2 T. cocoa, milk, baking powder, salt and vanilla.
   Spread into greased 8 inch square baking pan.  In medium
   bowl stir together remaining 4 T. cocoa, brown sugar and
   water.  Pour over mixture in pan.  Bake for 45 to 50
   minutes or until pudding bubbles around edges.  Remove from
   oven; let stand 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, in small bowl stir
   jam until smooth.  Drizzle each serving of warm pudding
   with jam.  From:  Irresistible Desserts - Land o Lake.